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Ficus Whitefly

In the world of pest control, the ficus whitefly is fairly new on the scene. First being observed in 2007, this little fly got to work pretty quickly on the ficus hedges it infests. The ficus whitefly uses the ficus hedge as a feeding and breeding location, but this is not the only plant it will infect.

Banyan trees, Cuban laurel, strangler fig, fiddle-leaf fig, and banana-leaf fig trees all have been known to home ficus whiteflies throughout their lifecycle.

If you’ve noticed clouds of white flies floating above your ficus hedges or other trees, while their leaves gradually vanish, you could be dealing with the ficus whitefly. Lucky for you, Goodfellas Pest Extermination is ready to come to your rescue!

Is it a Whitefly?

So, how can you tell if you have whiteflies on plants on your property? If the insects eating away at your hedges and trees are roughly one-twelfth of an inch and triangular in shape, traveling in clusters—that sounds like whiteflies to us!

There are a few varieties of whiteflies, including the silverleaf whitefly which is slightly smaller and a more yellow shade. Active during the day, if you’ve got a whitefly swarm, you’ll know about it sooner rather than later.

If you haven’t seen whiteflies on your plants but notice they are suffering all the same, look for sticky substances on the leaves as well as wilting and a change in color. Related to the aphid, whiteflies also have been known to attract ants to the plants they feed on due to the sticky “honeydew” they leave behind.

Act Quickly

Adult whitefly females lay an average of 200-400 eggs. Because of this, it’s important to act quickly when you notice whiteflies hovering around your plants.

While small amounts of these insects are not damaging, they will reproduce quickly and become a much bigger problem.

If you plan on keeping your plants alive, call Goodfellas Pest Extermination as quickly as possible to ensure that those flies will be gotten rid of for good.

Effective Whitefly Treatments

Having researched the ficus whitefly extensively and performed many effective whitefly treatments for local homeowners, we know what we’re doing when it comes to pest control services that work quickly and last.

The variety of treatment we use on your infested plants will depend on what stage the whiteflies are at. We offer preventative treatments, early stage, moderate, as well as a treatment for heavy infestation.

Our goal is always to preserve the life of your plants but if the infestation is too far gone, we may recommend the removal of the most damaged plants to save others on your property.

Call Today

Goodfellas Pest Extermination has been providing pest control services locally for a number of years now. We work using multiple methods to ensure a customized approach to every situation that yields the best results.

If you’re concerned about whitefly treatments that are eco-friendly, just ask! We’re always happy to tailor our services to your needs the best we can. Give us a call today to deal with your whiteflies immediately!

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